Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler

@Misha Aogail


Manga Undertaker (open coat, no sash, with memorial charms over the shoulder), with the doggie biscuit cookies he loves so much from the anime.

This costume took 3 months to make, both coats are hand made (Simplicity 5386 - A; McCall's M6657 - B with extended sleeves) and the hat actually has a slip-over cover I threw together using left over fabric from the two coats. The slip cover was a really roughly done circle and fabric a little longer than the height and width of the hat top to get that ratty, misshapen, slightly crushed look.

The cookies are home made dark brown sugar cut-out cookies. They come out that nice, doggie biscuit color and are very tasty. I handed these out to all Undertakers I encountered.


@Misha Aogail
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Series Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler
Character Undertaker


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