Fire Emblem: Awakening



I finished this in time for Califur 2013. It was a lot of fun cosplaying as the animal loving dark mage at a fur con. Running around and huging all the fursuiters. It was so much fun. :D

I had a lot of the stuff in my closet ready to go. The cape is an old cape left over from halloween. I just made the collar and sewed it on. The gold collar is removable. The grey shirt is an old buttoned shirt. I just cut off the sleeves and sewed the center closed, leaving enough room at the top so I could add a zipper. The skirt was sewn together from scratch. Pattern was made by me. So we're the gloves. The gold bands were old belts, painted gold and cut up so they are the length of my thighs, wrists, and ankles. As for the Unicorn horn and ears, the ears were made out of foamies, and the horn was not made by me. I wore those, cuz I draw Henry as a Unicorn pony. :3

I'll be wearing him again at Anime Expo 2013.


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Series Fire Emblem: Awakening
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