The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

My little niece will be my little Midna imp! ^_^ She likes the way that Midna acts and laughs. She always mimics her and she was more than happy to be Midna for me :D

Helmet: 95%
Black leotard: 100%
Face Paint:
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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Midna

Monocle_Complex I love the dress interpretation! So adorable!!! :)

FieryFari The base for the fused shadow looks great and your niece is pretty good at being Midna XD!

momoiru1994 so cute and nice!!!

Gamedraco Cosplay She is a cute little thing. I love that she's so happy about it.

LadyCrankypants This is so freaking adorable :) The headpiece turned out really well, and she looks like she's having SO much fun! If I ever have a daughter, we'll totally be doing an Little Midna/Princess Midna duo ;)

Thowra ZOMG! It's had to stand all this adorableness!


Marbleyes She's absolutely adorable! She will be the best little Midna at the con!

Zman97 aww I do the same as your niece XD ik i can be childish but MIDNA IS AWESOME

~H~ Cutest Imp ever! ^_-

Narnian So cute! She will be an adorable Midna!

zizi994 So adorable! :3