Aesterisk as Babydoll


Sucker Punch

Cosplayer: Aesterisk
I was SOOO excited to cosplay Babydoll after I saw the movie. I'll admit the movie does have its flaws but I loved the characters! I managed to persuade (beg) one of my best friends into cosplaying with me and I think that they turned out pretty well considering the time and money needed.

I actually bought almost everything from ebay and just worked with what it. Seriously, the dress, wig, shoes, holster, & gun were all from there. The 100% leather holster was a used one that originally was from etsy for $200 that I paid $11 for (It really made my week!) The gun is an airsoft one that I still need to stick the decals to :P I bought the shoes and painted the brown on them after putting down some tape so I didn't mess up. I found the stockings in an old drawer along with the headband.

The wig was a headache to work with. Its actually 2 wavy wigs that I learned how to weft together the month before the con because they were too thin in the back and I didn't like the official wig. I still need to get the sword but I figure I can save that for when I actually have some money haha :)