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I have loved the ElfQuest series since before I was able to read, I grew up loving the characters and the whole world of Abode. One character in particular stood out for me, one I could relate to in almost every way. The fiery spirited Ember. I rediscovered ElfQuest in a dusty cabinet, hidden away. I fell in love all over again and have read the entire released series online. I can still relate to Ember the most, the trials she had as an upcoming chieftess came close to some of my own. As Ember and I are much alike, I decided that it was time to try my hand at designing a costume for her. It is based off the Hidden Years outfit she wears but with a wintery twist to it, since I live in a place with unpredictable weather. Almost everything will be the same except the boots and there will be fur sleeves added on. I'll have to work as I go with the design, adjustment may be needed but I'll stay as close to the original outfit as possible.


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Series ElfQuest
Character Ember
Variant Hidden Years


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