Tamaki Suoh

Ouran High School Host Club



Tamaki had been on my 'to cosplay as' list for ages. Originally, I had thought that I would go as Kyoya, but my friends all told me Tamaki would better match my personality, lol. And I think they turned out to be right. I really loved going as Tamaki

Since I didn't have my Host Club yet (my friends and I plan to do one in future), I decided to cosplay as a formal Tamaki and choose to make his outfit from Volume 5 of the Manga, since I love that cover art (it's so pretty!).

Everything was completely hand made by me. I made the shirt, the pants, the vest, bow tie, and the jacket. I styled the wig and found a white rose for him as well. I found white shoes for him as well and that completed the outfit!

This outfit has to be my favorite to date. The whole outfit was very comfortable to wear around. I love the coat (which I fully lined) and the vest, because of the detail. Overall, I was very satisfied with the result. :)

I premiered this cosplay at Katsucon 18 2012 and had a blast that Friday evening. (I handed out paper roses, as a proper Tamaki would ^_^ Such fun!) To see photos of this cosplay, check out my DeviantArt linked on my profile. I hope to get some up here soon too. Hope you like it! ^_^


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Series Ouran High School Host Club
Character Tamaki Suoh
Variant Formal (Vol. 5 of the Manga)


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