Elena Fisher




Woooo!!!!!! okay..> >;
Well I just still love Elena's character make up and personality also her relationship with Nate~!!!!!!!X3 So I HAD to do this cosplay~!
Shirt was a shirt i bought from a thrift store, with some serious demo work and alteration..[I thought it will be simple but noooooooooo....the cosplay gods whipped me for thinking such]
The Pants I got as a gift from awesome people way back and realized they are exactly Elena's colour and cut as well design..Skinny Cargo Jeans~!!!!
The wig is my UC2 Elena wig since, her hair didn't change much..maybe just darker in colour...
The ring I bought months back for another cosplay and noticed it was a simple silver ring like hers~!!:D
I love wearing this outfit, not only is it warm for cold days but its comfy as hell~!


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Yazmine Awesome Elena! =D