John H. Watson

Sherlock (BBC)



Ok, so while this is actually canon, I got the idea to do cosplay it because of a series of fanart by MarieLikesToDraw over on tumblr. Her work is absolutely stunning. If you are a Sherlock fan, you really should go take a look at some of it.

The jacket and pants are actual British desert camouflage pattern fatigues, and I purchased the round dog tags from at British seller. The information on them is as correct as I could get them based on what's provided in both ACD canon and BBC canon. I love them to death. Boots were purchased from an airsoft supply store and are much more comfortable than I thought they would be.

I love this costume so much, even if it's not very recognizable. It's incredibly comfortable and perfect for late nights or just wandering around in. It's also another version of John, which in and of itself means I love it automatically.


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Series Sherlock (BBC)
Character John H. Watson
Variant Army Doctor


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