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I love Spaced! I love Tim and Daisy, and when I realized that he completely covers his hair when he wears his hats, I knew I could do Tim.

Originally I was going to simply find a beanie that was similar to the main color of his Chocolate beanie and go with that. Then I decided to do a search on it and found a pattern through Ravelry for it! Some wonderful fan has figured out the pattern for the beanie! I bought some yarn from a local yarn store and made it with a tiny bit of altering. But it doesn't quite work right.
I'm going to get some good screenshots of it and just eyeball it from there using fingering weight yarn.

I also bought a Rufio in Titanium Blonde. It looks so amazing! It's a great alternative to the hat, and will help a lot until I can get that hat figured out.

The shirts and pants are from Goodwill. I've learned, get clothing that is slightly too big and it'll make you look more like a guy. The shirts were great. The only problem with the t-shirt is the sleeves don't like to stay up. The pants are great. They're slightly worn, long enough, and have a drawstring on the inside so I won't need a belt, ever!

That just leaves one thing: Jaffa Cakes. I made sure to have a box in my con bag the whole time. Just in case anyone recognized me, which didn't happen sadly. Hopefully, one day America will catch on to the awesomeness that is Spaced.


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