Black Queen Jean Grey

Marvel X-Men

@Uta Arashino


I made this/put this together to take part in a charity event being held at Ad Astra 2011. The theme was "Bad Girls Make History", and since my lovely friend Katherine Curtis claimed Emma, I chose to do her "nemesis", Jean Grey.

I'm going to start off by talking about the wig. I was never happy with how it came out, and took it apart to fix it after the event. It is the entire reason I don't have nice photos of this costume yet. Still need to restyle that sucker. ALL OF MY RAGE.

The corset was bought because I didn't want to deal with that. The whip was borrowed for photos.

The cape is just black polyester lining fabric, lined with red broadcloth, making it both cheap and light.

I made the roses by hand with the same red from the cape.

Panties are PVC lined with I think a jersey knit, also made by me.

Gloves are wet look spandex and need to be remade.

Boots I had lying around. Weird, I know.


@Uta Arashino
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Character Black Queen Jean Grey


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