My dream cosplay of many, many years. When I was in 5 grade, I had a friend, Kate, who was a great fan of ElfQuest and especially Nightfall. She gave me EQ to read (we only had 5 stories in Russia, first book - Wolfriders), and said that I look like and bahave a lot like Leetah. That's how I got my alias and I go by it till then.
Later I found all the books in Englishm and lived many Leetah's costumes, so a planned to do at least 3 of them.
Couple of weeks ago I was asked to participate in Animatrix convention in any cosplay on western comics, and I happend to have all the material for the costume. So - costume assembled in a week after 20 years :)


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Series ElfQuest
Character Leetah
Variant Captives of the Blue Mountain


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