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The pants and boots I had on hand. Shirt and jerkin were made by me, with patterns drafted by me. The wig was a lucky find in terms of texture, not so much in terms of colour, and attempts to darken it have been only partially successful. The stubble, sadly, is not natural, and is achieved by spirit gumming little bits of wig fibre to my face.

Shirt-- dark blue linen. I used the shirt line-up in the concept art book as my reference, and made a very rectangular pattern, something like what you'd get if an 19th century men's shirt were to get stuck in a blender with a hoodie and a Renfaire shirt. I found some really cool buttons for the cuffs, and embroidered "Kili" in dwarf runes on the inside of the hem.

Jerkin-- black pleather, black linen, THREE PACKAGES OF BIAS TAPE, leather cord, black velvet trim, gold puff paint (three bottles), iron-on fabric glue. Again, very rectangular design. I was basically flying blind on this, because the few shots where he's not wearing the overcoat have terrible lighting, or the framing crops out most of he's wearing. The best reference I found was the cardboard cut-out. I made pockets in the lining, one big one and two little ones on each side. I was quite sure that the gold puff paint was going to look terrible, but didn't want to spend the time embroidering it. I was happily surprised.

I added two layers of batting to the yoke of the shirt to make myself look a bit bulkier, and then wrapped another half yard of it around my waist for the same reason. This means that the neckerchief serves an important purpose-- I dampen it with water to keep myself from overheating. The whole outfit weighs about 8 pounds, which could be a lot worse. With stuff in the pockets it'll probably end up being 10, and I've more or less decided to not bother with overcoat and gear.


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KairiGalaga WOW!! This is awesome! :D You did a great job!