Ayame Sohma

Fruits Basket



Ayame has always been one of my favourite Characters in Furuba. And not just because of his over the top personality. I can connect with him on a very personal level too. We both have a love for costumes and we both have a rocky relationship with our younger sibling with most attempts to mend things just making things worse.


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Series Fruits Basket
Character Ayame Sohma
Variant Manga


AngelStarAvalon @Sango-chan I have a picture of your MM cosplay! you and your Emma! and I totally forget which cosplay I was in that day too but I know it wasn't in this one.

~Sango-chan~ Awesome costume! :D I think I only saw you on the day you weren't dressed up though (I am the Mary Margaret from AE, and I am pretty sure I was the only one ^^; )

AngelStarAvalon Thank you! It wasn't hard to chose which of the Zodiac to cosplay, Aya is by far the most awesome in personality.

Naudae Ah! Another Aya cosplayer! Nice to see you've awesomely great taste! Great work on the outfit!