Lillian Gracey

The Haunted Mansion



I've been meaning to do this costume for years, and I'm finally getting around to her!~

[x]Bodice: Purple cotton sateen tinted for a darker plum purple. It has matching dyed piping, and a combination of scalloped lace and beaded seed pearl trim at the collar. Fully structured and laces up the back.

[]Sleeves: pink cotton brocade. The white trim on top will be white bridal satin with a lace overlay and pink lace trim. I'll be making the bows with satin ribbon.

[x]Skirt: I found the flower pattern on spoonflower a few years ago and bought it on a whim. The trim is dusty pink venice lace.

[x]Collar: matching sateen from the bodice lined in matching rose brocade from the sleeves. Trimmed with white faux fur, and with a pink satin ribbon closure.

[x]Parasol: I found a cheap parasol base on ebay and took the fabric off. I then seam ripped a panel and used it for a base pattern to re-cover it in matching fabric and lace.

[x]Wig: a Jane wig from Arda lightly styled with a matching hair bun.

[x]Shoes: found a pair on ebay that were perfect, but when they arrived they were more coral/orangey than pink. I used Angelus leather paint in "petal pink" to get the shoes as close as possible to the pink brocade I used in the costume.

[x]Petticoat: I actually sewed two petticoats together. The first attempt was a bit too bell-shaped and bunched up the bodice (as seen in the first preview picture), so I started over and got a beautiful A-line poof that looks pretty darn close to the painting :D


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Character Lillian Gracey


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