Rick Sanchez

Rick and Morty



Geez, this show.

I figure no one who knows me will be surprised to see this one on my list. (How many offensive old men can I cosplay? A lot.) Anyway.

Should be a breeze to throw together the outfit (perk of being an actual scientist is that lab coats are easy to find). Wig has been ordered, and I'll play around with the styling, but I should be able to get some fun spikes going. Plus I don't think I've cosplayed someone with blue hair? Neat.

I probably could have had this done in days with minimal cost, but it's not really me until I add unnecessary props, is it? So I'm making the portal gun with super bright LEDs, and I'll probably end up making a little Morty plush to ride around in my pocket (the one that doesn't have my flask).

Looking forward to a nice, comfortable cosplay for once.


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Series Rick and Morty
Character Rick Sanchez
Variant Rule 63


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