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Sindel was my 4th cosplay project, made in 2014. I've liked her and oldschool MK games since I was a kid. This character was a future cosplay dream of mine and when few people were setting up a Mortal Kombat group cosplay for a convention, I thought, why not do it now? This was a relatively fast cosplay to do and making the wig was the most interesting part.

I wore the costume at a couple of events in 2014-2015 but sadly never got proper photos taken outside of conventions. The photo with the lake background was taken by Alberto Mardegan and the others were taken by Joni Halonen. I might improve the costume at some point and finally have a proper photo shoot with it.


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Created 5 years ago
Series Mortal Kombat
Character Sindel
Variant MK3/UMK3/MKT


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