Megurine Luka




Megurine Luka is my favorite among the Vocaloids. She’s so darn pretty!

For Anime USA, I wanted to do a cosplay using the new wig I received on a cosplay wig sale forum. I’m not sure where the wig is originally from, but I loved the pink and orange tones. This was the perfect wig for me to work with for multiple cosplay characters. A few friends suggested that I cosplay as Luka, and… well, sure, why not? …but what to wear? o___o

Luckily I have collected quite a few steampunk-y items so I was able to come up with my own custom design for Luka’s outfit. The corset was found and purchased at Echoes of Time costume shop in Virginia Beach, and the pants were found at Plato’s Closet (Virginia Beach). My steampunk trinkets were purchased at various stores at various conventions that I’m not sure where they all came from (or I would credit otherwise… ;-; )


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Series Vocaloid
Character Megurine Luka
Variant Original Steampunk


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