Junko Enoshima

Dangan Ronpa



Okay so I LOVE this costume. I really wish I would have gotten more pictures when I was there but I'm still waiting for people to post pictures from the con. I definitely want to make some changes (mostly just the jacket) and I really need to tease the wig.

I'm so proud of my makeup in this costume honestly. My makeup tests didn't go that well and this was my first time using fake eyelashes so I was super worried. I woke up so early to start and I was so proud of the end result.

On the downside, a couple of hours into the day I took the boots off. I didn't even think to break them in before the con and they were a little small. Probably going to buy another pair with smaller heels but these were so cute!


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Series Dangan Ronpa
Character Junko Enoshima


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