Sleeping Beauty



My precious baby this costume is <3

Fabric was dyed by VickyBunnyAngel, which was an amazing help and I couldn't have done it without her.

Costume was drafted by me~ Skirt is two layers, one of cotton and one of silk chiffon, and the Bodice is three: one top layer of chiffon, and two layers of cotton, one which includes boning and twill tape to create the corset like shape and allow the bodice to be a solid and structured surface for embellishment. Lace was dyed gold by me, and hand sewn on. All jewels were swarovski and hand placed. Pleats at the front and back of the dress were hand sewn on, and the top trim was also handsewn.

Wig is an Arda Ororo in Custard, bangs were hand styled. Crown is made from black worbla.


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Series Sleeping Beauty
Character Aurora
Variant Hannah Alexander


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