Stanford Pines

Gravity Falls



I had fun wearing Ford, what a great old nerd.

Hardest part was the gloves of course. I butchered a second part of gloves to add the finger / palm extension onto the other pair. And cause I hate myself I wired them to light up like his electro-gloves do in the show. Worked though! :D

The clothes are like all from Ebay. I altered the jacket a bit (added front pocket, elbow patches, took in the back, added rips, took off shoulder things, popped the collar). I also made the strap for his body and it is also a little bag to hold my journal (which I painted and distressed from a drawing pad). Hair is my own with white hairspray in it.

Bill is a puppet I made, originally with my Mabel cosplay. I think I describe it more on that page.


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Series Gravity Falls
Character Stanford Pines


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