Haku Yowane




Will be worn for Anime Banzai 2012.

4/16/11: Got the pants and the tie today.
8/19/12: Bought the wig today off of eBay.
8/20/12: I didn't want to ruin my Turks pants, so I bought a new pair at the thrift store. I also bought the base shoes, the base shirt, and the base belt.
9/8/12: Sleeves are almost done; all I need to do for them now is the side panels. Pants are being veeeery difficult -.- I am not pleased with them. Wig is cut, but I need to get my pomade before I can finish styling. Shoes are almost done, I just need to do the white covering.


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Series Vocaloid
Character Haku Yowane
Variant Regular


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