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This is my second take on a Hufflepuff pupil - my first was a last-minute, half-assed outfit for the last HP book premiere, back in 2007; and I've wanted to do it right ever since.

I wanted a realistic, functional outfit that you would want to wear on a daily basis.

The coat is made of a heavy, pure wool fabric which is perfect for a cold winter's day. (The jumper, skirt, stockings, and scarf are also made of wool.) The scarf was knit by my sister, who already made my Rikku scarf. I love the maize yellow color, I think it's more flattering than bright yellow.

Hufflepuff house doesn't have a huge fan following - Hufflepuffs don't ever do anything great or evil, they seem kind of boring and even a bit dim sometimes... but I think they're adorable, and fun to cosplay as :)

Cost: EUR 160 / ~US$ 215


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Character Hufflepuff OC


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