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I absolutely love Alicia Melchiott! I have wanted to do this cosplay for a long time now, and I am in progress of having it finished! I love this game and the anime so much.

I completed a simplified version for ALA 2011. So far, I've worked on this for about two weeks. However, I'm still working on on refining all of the garments and accessories, getting a wig, and making all of the armor. So, it's not finished yet! haha.

UPDATE: 6/2/11

Since ALA, I took in the sides and in the arms. Raised the skirt hem, made new thigh highs, created new boot covers, altered the tie to be shorter, added the front Gallia patch, back scout insignia, refined and added details to the waistband. I finished the belts, but I didn't want to wear them without the armor :(

I almost finished this costume by Fanime. I'm still working on the armor, binoculars, pouch, and grenade. Almost there!

UPDATE: 1/14/12
It was really unexpected for me to attend Anime Expo 2011. I had been planning on helping my friend make a Welkin costume for a while, but since going to AX happened on a whim, I had about a week to make his costume. His costume still isn't finished, there are still a lot more details I wanted to add. Since I put all my energy and time to get Welkin finished (I worked nonstop until AX) I still have to finish my armor. I also hope to do Alicia's valkyrur form too!


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Tifa on a Cloud It looked pretty great at Fanime. Hopefully, you had no trouble with that rifle. You and the others really kicked the con off right. Makes me wish I hadn't used up the last of my Zeon blue for a quick Garterbelt costume.