Gimmy Adai

Gurren Lagann



So one day Siev and I decided to make these really complicated costumes that are worn by super-secondary characters in the second season of a really awesome show...

I don't think that I can stress enough the extent to which the making of these costumes was like giving 3-year-olds crack and as much hotglue, craftfoam and stretchy pvc as they wanted. 0__o

Our process went like this:
Siev was responsible for figuring out the top half of the costume and I was responsible for the bottom half. We made our notes in a notebook and then we each made our own costumes.

The top is a heavily modified leotard pattern and the bottom is a heavily modified pants pattern that is velcroed in place on top of the leotard (because stretch pvc is very slippery...). All of the details are made of craftfoam covered with spandex and then sewn on, stretch pvc piecing, heat-n-bonded spandex and piping made of clear pvc tubing covered with spandex.

The jetpacks have light-up touch lights in them. :D


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Series Gurren Lagann
Character Gimmy Adai
Variant Time Skip


Narnian Awesome cosplay!

defia Amazing : ) I love the details.