Devil May Cry 3



A couple weeks ago my girlfriend proposed the idea that we do Marvel vs Capcom 3 themed cosplay this year, since both of us are anxiously awaiting the game. Me a bit more than her, I think. :lol:
Initially it was a joke that I should go as Magneto since he is my favorite Marvel villain and was ecstatic when they announced his return from Mahvel 2. Unfortunately spandex doesn't like me much, and frankly I don't care for it either, so the idea was put aside. Well, I slowly started thinking about it more and more, and in an attempt to find cosplay that we could do "together" I came back to the idea of a MvC3 group with us as Dante and Trish... Thus the idea was back on the table.

Props: Rebellion, Ebony and Ivory, and Belt buckles made by me. http://2dlogicprops.blogspot.com/
Coat, Pants and Harness: Made by my girlfriend Stephanie Elder/member Pink_Panda. http://pinkpandascosplaywarehouse.blogspot.com/
Boots: Purchased from Aldo, straps added.
Photos: PhntmPhtgrphy http://www.flickr.com/people/phantom_dark/


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Series Devil May Cry 3
Character Dante