Risa Koizumi

Lovely Complex



And I'm SO HAPPY it was Risa.

Lovely Complex was the first manga I ever REALLY got into. The series is just absolutely incredible, and in its own way its taught me a lot. I used to be really insecure about my height. I'm usually taller than most girls by quite a lot - and it always kind of brought me down a bit. I felt like a monster standing next to cute, little girls most of the time.

But after reading the comic, I fell in love with Risa's character. As well as her own acceptance of herself. I actually found myself loving my own height - and not becoming so bothered by it that much.

It wasn't an insecurity I ever really spoke about. But I'm glad to say I'm not insecure about it anymore.

The manga changed my life in a small way, but it still means a lot. I'm GOING to cosplay as her again - and continue cosplaying as her.

I bought the wig off eBay. It's amazing.

The cardigans and socks were bought at Target. My mom found the skirt at a flea market near her work. I bought the buttons, red fabric, & little iron on stars at Hancocks.

Super easy cosplays. But so much fun!


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