Smileys Gang Members




I first found out about the game "Manhunt" when I was around 14. It was one of those games I knew I wanted to play but my mom wouldn't let me. I eventually found a way to sneak the game past her. The game was fun as well as challenging. I also played using the PS2 USB headset which heightened the stealth aspect of the game. Alot of the time, my greatest difficulty was trying not to laugh at the hunter's dialoge while hiding.

The Smileys are one of my favorite gangs you encounter in the game. Their dialogue is by far the funniest out of the gangs you encounter.

The mask was made from one of those emoji-face masks you find at Halloween stores. They're made from a dense foam sheet and also comes with pre-cut eyeholes and a strap. I just had to remove the emoji image on the front, re-cut and paint it

The clothing consists of a navy blue button-up shirt, black canvas overalls and a pair of leather utility gloves


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Character Smileys Gang Members


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