Kagamine Rin


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The patterns were all had drafted by myself using newspaper and old pattern papers.

The cuffs around the legs and arms are just tubes of fabric that are wider at one end, sewn together, then trimmed with bias tape.
The Leg cuffs have pleather on the ankles for "speakers" and the 'Electronic Voice System' on the left leg was traced with a stencil, then freehand painted with fabric paint. The yellow dots on the knees are embroidery thread.
The arm cuffs have craft foam painted to look like volume adjust screens, trimmed with the same pleather on the ankle 'speakers.' Then there is some clay painted black by the elbow for the little trims there.

The shoes were purchased from Payless Shoe Source, just painted yellow around the sole and a small yellow stripe was embroidered on the top.

The shorts were bought from Plato's Closet, with tiny dots of paint on the back pockets. the belt is simply a long strip of fabric with yellow diamonds hot glued to the base. The belt buckle is decorative craft foam. The hanging "belt" thing is made the same way as the main belt.

The shirt was drafted using old patterns and cropped to fit. The sailor collar was made by referencing several online sailor collar tutorials, then trimming it with yellow bias tape. The yellow on the sleeves and waist is a rickrack, and the other details are appliqué and hand embroidery, including the 'Vocaloid' and the treble clef.

The Headphones are craft foam in a couple layers for depth, painted and glued to a white headband. The microphone is made of clay as well. The bow is a half circle of craft foam, pinched together and glued in the middle. The hairpins are simply rectangles of craft foam glued to bobby pins.

The wig is an Arda Wig Classic Magnam Long in Light Blonde (CL-060).


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