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Quick note: The icon is awkward on purpose. I had one that was considerably less "I am going to stare into your soul" but I was told resolutely that this one was better and I needed to make this the icon. So there you go. (I am not that awkward in real life/on accident I promise.)

Okay! Time for some explanation.

The wig is a Jett from Arda Wigs: in black, obviously. It was styled by halfdemondog on deviantart, with some minor touchups by me. (I think I fixed the bangs and trimmed them slightly? Eh whatever.)

Glasses were just regular reading glasses acquired in a free pile, again by halfdemondog. I'd like bigger ones, but I can't find ones that are both square enough and have thick enough frames. So reading glasses it is.

The jacket I found at Goodwill after several trips. I found another one earlier but it had complicated embroidery on the cuffs (it was part of a uniform for a casino, I think) and I tried to take it out carefully but I just ended up ripping the fabric :< So! I was really glad when I found a new one. It's too big for me but I might tailor it later.

Shirt was found and painted by halfdemondog. All I basically did there was provide a reference? Which isn't a whole lot.

Pants I happened to have! Which was awesome because they were the right color (mostly? I'd prefer them a tad darker but oh well) and the right fit. Well... they're a bit big, but oh well. They don't show off my hips or anything so that's good.
The best part about these pants is that they're Lucky Brand. Hell yes.

The shoes gave us quite a bit of trouble! We couldn't find the right ones for ages, and I was just going to wear red shoes with white laces (pictured in my WIP picture below) until I found better ones. But then, the night before the gathering, we went to Walmart to get some other things and happened to see the shoes I have now! Plain white, obviously, they didn't have that design on them. That was painted on mostly by halfdemondog, but I helped a little on the easy parts XD'

A little bit more about the shoes? In reference pictures it seems to be white velcro on the tops of the shoes, but I personally prefer the look of laces, and the laces that only go partway down the shoe seem like a good way to translate that. It's not 100% ACCURATE but I like this look much better.

I think that's all I have to say about the costume itself! I'll try to upload more pictures later when I get them... the aforementioned halfdemondog (also xigmeister on went with me to this Gasukan as Karkat, but because we didn't have a tripod or anything we didn't get a whole lot of pictures of both of us. I think a friend of mine took a picture of us? I'll have to see if I can dig that up and ask if I can upload it.


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ametheneko Aw! You make such an adorable John! I love this!!

Minteh I love it. D: I love you. Actually.