Avatar: The Last Airbender



This costume was loads of fun and I got so much love from the con goers. A LOT of people recognized me and wanted pictures, even though June only appears in 2 episodes.


Belts- Pleather and metal buckles (On the torso), textured pleather, clay, and acrylic paint (for the arm and leg bands)
Boot Covers- Lycra
Cheongsam Top- Black Polyester-spandex blend and Red Lycra (pattern drafted by me)
Glove and Sleeves: Lycra
Pants- Leggings (already owned)
Skull Hair Ornament- Clay and acrylic paint

2014 Update:
Belts- Pleather and metal buckles (On the torso), scrap leather and metal slider buckles (for the arm and leg bands)
Boots- Store bought
Cheongsam Top- Black linen for the shell, red cotton-polyester blend for the lining, scrap leather and metal slider buckles for the closures... as well as a couple snaps for added security (pattern drafted by me)
Fingerless Gloves: Black lycra
Pants- Lycra leggings (already owned)
Skull Hair Ornament- Sculpey and acrylic paint

Wig styling and make-up were also done by me.


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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character June


gypsy_girl I don't think I've seen anyone cosplay June before. This is wonderful.

LinkPwnsGanon The one and only June! :)

Celine Wow! I saw your icon on the forums and was like "hey, June costume" so indeed it is! You look fantastic, and it's great to see June cosplayed. I thought she was hilarious and was glad that they brought her back in season 3 for an episode.

booklover67 Really really great cosplay!! It is so nice to see June cosplayers =D

deshwitat AWSOME XD I am so happy to see Jun cosplayed, as you say she was only in two episodes, but she was an awsome character ^^, and you look great as her