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Resident Evil 4

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This dress was almost the death of me. Kalasnacks and I drafted a very rough pattern and pretty much just 'sculpted' it from there. A lot of rouching was involved. Rouching and re-rouching. I used a bordeaux Casa Satin for the main dress, and baby silk for the choker and choker tail. I used sateen for the black trim on the neckline.
I wish I could take credit for those wonderful beautiful butterflies, but that was all Kalasnacks. The girl has mad talent with a paintbrush, more than I could ever hope to acquire! In exchange I did all of her knick-knack hand-sewing stuff. It worked out well. I hate painting, she hates hand sewing. We deviated a little from the original flower design on the dress to make them a little...prettier.
So far every time I've worn this costume it's only been for a few hours and I can never find any other RE cosplayers ._. Bummer, bro.
The photo I used for the icon was taken by Sky Panda photography!


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Character Ada Wong


Samwise32 WOW! Great stinking ADA!!!! Really, fantastic job on this. You are an awesomely amazing cosplayer! XD

bobsusedgimmick Wow, I seem to run across you a lot when I check out cosplay photos. That must mean you're awesome. I didn't even realize it was the same person as the Ayane from earlier until now, 1 1/2 months later. You're costume was really awesome . I saw you complaining about lack of self photos. I did get a photo of this at ACen this year if you want it. Though you'd have to deal with inferior photography ability giving you demonic red eyes.