Mr.Skull as Devil Jin

Devil Jin

Tekken 5

Cosplayer: Mr.Skull
My Devil Jin cosplay from Desucon III. Wings itself took most of the time making this cosplay. And yeah! I was able to move those wings to wide open. Wings skeleton was 80% metal and rest was plastic. I used wire rope what made possible to pull the wings to wide open. There where 2 articulations what made pulling easier and more lightweight. Feathers where made of one by one furry black fabric (yea! hella work!). Whole wing system where able to dismantle in 3 pieces what made "moving to con by car" more possible. Wings whole weight where ~8 kilos...

Thanks to my wings the cosplay itself kinda suffered about details but wings worked well on the stage! :D

Edit. My english may be abit unclear...