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Pirates of the Caribbean



I'm a huge fan of the Pirate movies and Johnny Depp so I was crazy excited about the new film. I really liked the new character Angelica and fell in love with Penelope Cruz so this costume was a must!

Undershirt is made of linen and trimmed with a thin lace. I drafted out the vest pattern from scratch, the front is lined and the fabric I chose for the back had a gorgeous gold underside which I decided not to cover up. The front is a paisley fabric I found and I hand painted details in to better match the fabric in the film. I ended up not being a big fan of it though so next time I wear this I'm going to spoonflower for the accurate print someone already created. Trim on the vest is hand painted black and gold to match the film.
Pants were made of a suiting fabric.
My corset is my favorite part of the costume, the pattern for it was drafted from scratch and it has real leather trim, steel bones, a coutil strength layer, and 26 hand-set grommets.

Earring is made of beads found locally with one bead made from sculpey.
Belt is real leather that I dyed black, buckle is sculpey worked over an existing buckle I had. Still need to make the conchos for it.
Also made a voodoo Jack Sparrow doll to go along with my costume! He's made of felt and left over fabric I had from making Jack Sparrow's frock coat for the movie premiere.

Making her wine red top that she wears at night on Queen Anne's Revenge next!


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Character Angelica Teach


ZakuMonkey Looks great! Savvy?