Noble Six




Made for SDCC 2011. :^) Armor made by me. Energy sword was made by Sean Bradley. DMR made by Brandon McClain. Pictures by Matt Smith.


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Series Halo:Reach
Character Noble Six


DokterXomby Hi there. Amazing costume. Im curious if you might be able to helo me make my own suit. I want to use my character model from Halo Reach which has Emiles helmet and Ive never made a costume before and really have no clue where to start lol. Hit me up if you dont mind

thorn696 Love the finished build pic's

raymonee where did you get that suit i'v bin looking all over for some of them can you tell me were to get one late

fly_aguilera you rockkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

FunkyHenryGale I totally saw this costume in the little food court area! You two looked awesome! I was tempted to ask for a photo, but you guys were getting swamped with requests already. Great job!

ghost0441 Awesome, hope to see you again at the next MSC!

Kingxanose Looks nice, what materials did you use?