Kid Monkey D. Luffy

One Piece

I decided to do this costume a week before the Con, and I've been working on the t-shirt image, which, I'll also use the T-Shirt transfer sheets on. I think this costume'll be easy, though the bottom of the anchor's annoying me majorly, since I can't draw it. After I finish that, all I'll need's to find a pair of shorts, and wham, a completed Monkey D. Luffy costume'll be mine ^^. Plus, this's a costume I'm betting has never been done before, so I'll be the first, WAI! Just like with the other costumes I'll be wearing too ^^.
-Update- I got a lot of nice comments on my costume, and got pictures taken twice ^^ Now, why's that so good? 'Cause I was only wearing it for a short while on Sunday before I had to go home -Sigh-.
-Update Again- I'm going to Re-Do this costume, since I realised the colours were incredibly off. And, I got Luffy's hat now. So, I'll be wearing it around to the next cons I go to hopefully ^^.

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Series One Piece
Character Kid Monkey D. Luffy
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