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This costume is very special to me, mostly because it is the first costume whose craftsmanship I have really been proud of. I love this costume to death.

I made this costume with help from my friend's mom, who is a great seamstress and awesome person. She showed me ways to make the skirt and the apron, and she introduced me to quilt binding (the black edges around the whole costume), which saved me HOURS of work. The apron thing is attached to the skirt front by velcro to get it to spread apart like May's does, and it's simply sewn onto the top of the skirt back. Both of these things would be later hidden by a belt. I have her and her daughter to thank for this.

I believe the actual outfit took me about 8 hours to make. On my own, it would have taken more and it would have looked like a trainwreck lol.

The undershirt is just a long-sleeved turtleneck that I stitch-picked the sleeves off of simply because I didn't really wear it anymore. The May pants are black leggings, which I thought was the better choice for the character. They needed to be skin tight, but many people make the mistake of wearing tights, which are translucent! May's pants are opaque, so I needed something that would be form-fitting, but that would be in-character. Leggings came from Ross for $6.

The boots are a pair from Good Will, and I used my friend's paper boot-cover patterns for them. Realizing that the fabric glue wasn't going to do its job, I hot-glued the pieces on. Overall, it's okay. The black edges are made from some smaller quilt binding. :3

The neck guard and wrist guards are foam, and to be honest, it was really the only option considering the small budget I had. No one seemed to have complained (and I think the neck guard is pretty accurate), so I'll fuss about those later. The gloves are actually just tights with fingerholes cut into them. xD I ran out of time to make or buy a pair of gloves, so I just pulled some tights out.

The buckles (including the belt buckle) as well as the skull and cross-bones are made from super sculpey as a last-minute thing. :p I think they turned out nicely. The waist belt is a belt from Good Will that I modded to match May's character.

The pirate hat itself was made from a foam pirate hat belonging to my youngest brother (lucky me!) along with some sewing and hot gluing with fabric. It originally had a top, but I cut it out. I probably need to add something in for it to stay on my head because it kept sliding onto my face (see bobby pins lol). I used my prom hair extension (lol) and it seemed to be suitable.

OH BOY. The anchor. 100% cardboard, masking tape, paper mache, hot glue. Painted by hand because I'm too cheap to but spray paint. Some butthead broke it while I was in Animazement's dealer room (you have to leave large props in a room nearby), so the point on the bottom was smashed in. -_- Either way, it does need repairs and it's uneven, but I'm satisfied. It was weird to carry around (it's a lot lighter than any other material I could have made it out of), and people kept asking me how heavy it was or how someone as tiny as me (I'm 5'0". Yes, ZERO) could carry it all day. I accidentally hit people with it all weekend. Good times. It was a real attention-getter though. Every time I put it down, someone wanted to get a picture of me with it. :p


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pinoycosplay You deserves big hugs for doing such a great May! Looks dead on accurate. That anchor looks like the real thing. You should definitely be proud of this outfit. :-)