League of Legends



Caitlyn from League of Legends.

I made everything myself =D

I'm really happy with how my gun turned out!! I was stressing so much to get it done before the con, and I flew from Los Angeles, to Chicago to go to ACen 2011, sooo taking a 3.5 foot gun on a plane isn't the best idea, so I made it in 3 separate pieces, so i could take it apart for a carry on =D So yay for not getting arrested at the airport!!


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Series League of Legends
Character Caitlyn


hsmith25 Hey you did a great job! I was thinking about being her for otakon and was wondering how you make her hat?? :)

stiffkick80 Great job! I only play Cait in LOL, she's awesome. Only pose that's missing is the 'on one knee while aiming' kind of pose. :)

Methann Kyah !! Nice Caitlyn !!! :D

CorsicaxMarseil +Awesome Caitlyn! How'd you make her gun? :O

atllas Wow great job

Narnian Stunning! You did a great job!