Liz Thompson

Soul Eater



I was on vacation visiting my family when my friend, BlackDragonfly e-mails me a picture of Patty and Liz. I wasn't so sure, but she was all DOEETNAOOOO. So it went down just like that, because we match their descriptions fairly well. We did lots of modifying of clothes. I pre-owned the jeans, we found both tops at a thrift store (amazing right??) and she bought the ties at *shudder* WalMart. We just cut the tops and ties to make them shorter, Bought two white belts, and savagely dug through our closets to find appropriate shoes. Patty even died her hair a little bit. The con gave us much love, and I was ever so pleased with her decision to force me into wearing it.


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Series Soul Eater
Character Liz Thompson


Narnian Awesome! You look so spot on!