hmwsg x as Flemeth


Dragon Age 2

Cosplayer: hmwsg x
I love love love this costume. I have to redo the armor since it fell apart at the con, but I still love this costume and I am trying my hardest to treat it nicely.

This has been an ongoing project since last October, and really, all of the work on it happened 3 weeks before Acen. A lot of sleepless nights D:

The top is a fusion of 3 patterns, and I used a ton of screenshots to map out the studs. Counted them and everything. Due to time constraints I had to leave out a few rows of studs, so I'm a bit unhappy it is inaccurate.
The collar was something I drafted from scratch.

The armor is currently made of craft foam and wonderflex. I need to find something that will withstand a lot of movement, stress, and will stay put xD

The wig is a commission from coscom user Score. It makes the costume, and I could not have had such a perfect Flemeth without it!