Dragon Age 2

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I love love love this costume. I have to redo the armor since it fell apart at the con, but I still love this costume and I am trying my hardest to treat it nicely.

This has been an ongoing project since last October, and really, all of the work on it happened 3 weeks before Acen. A lot of sleepless nights D:

The top is a fusion of 3 patterns, and I used a ton of screenshots to map out the studs. Counted them and everything. Due to time constraints I had to leave out a few rows of studs, so I'm a bit unhappy it is inaccurate.
The collar was something I drafted from scratch.

The armor is currently made of craft foam and wonderflex. I need to find something that will withstand a lot of movement, stress, and will stay put xD

The wig is a commission from coscom user Score. It makes the costume, and I could not have had such a perfect Flemeth without it!


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Aderyn You're costume is so beautiful! I really love your makeup! It looks very natural. I'm wanting to do Knight-Commander Meredith sometime later this year. Do you have any suggestions/tips on aging makeup? I need to make myself look a bit older to really pull off Meredith.

darrynonline This is an incredible costume, your attention to detail is absolutely inspiring!!!

Adlez-AxeL Amazing! Great job!!!

Eldanildiel So much love for this costume. Super epic!

Jersey This rocked my world!

Jyronaut You did a very nice job on the makeup! Well on everything else too but I think the makeup is a nice finish. :D I would love to know how you made that armor, if you wouldn't mind sharing your ways with a noob like me >.> Once again, very nice job!

Criana So awesome!