Zashiki Warashi


ANNNNND Here goes:

All the material was kona cotton. I know it wrinkles like crap, but I wanted to use cotton and NOT satin!

All of the stencils were made in adobe photoshop based off the original artwork. Then I printed them off, drew them on freezer paper, cut it out, ironed them on the fabric and then painted them. All the fabric paint was jacquard textile paint.

I used heat and bond to attach the maroon parts to the sleeves and main kimono. The under kimono, all I did was paint it onto the fabric directly.

For the obi, I was lucky and found the right fabric at hobby lobby. I bought some red cord from hobby lobby as well. The obi flaps were hand sewn on.

Shoes and flute were bought on ebay. Shoes were originally tan but then I realized her shoes were black so I spray painted them (the day before I left for California!). Those shoes were actually pretty easy to walk in, as long as I didn't walk too fast.

The wig I wore at the a-kon shoots was bought at a local wig shop, however, after getting to california, I realized my wig was incredibly frizzed. SO right before my judging I headed into the dealers room and bought a wig from epic cosplay. It's very silky, and a bit longer than I needed, but it was a really good substitute.

The Hairpiece was made with a base of a clear comb. I cut a small rectangular piece of craft foam and started gluing the flowers on that. For the flowers, I bought two colors to give it more contrast. Along with that, I took out all the old middles and replaced them with pearls. The loose flowers were hand sewen onto black thread (to make it not very well seen) and then glued onto the foam base.

Overall, this is the BEST costume i've mad to date! I was so happy to wear it because I had so many people come up and recognize me! Being a very small character in the series, that's a huge compliment! I am also incredibly humbled by the award I got at anime expo!
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Character Zashiki Warashi
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