Skyward Sword



Made by Seifer-sama.
Amazing Amaaazing work. The quality and craftmanship are top notch. No puckers, super clean applique work.

I bought the fabrics and sent them to her to make her magic on. Peachskin for the dress, cordoroy for the blue banner, canvas for the sail, dupioni for the gold designs, and tafetta for the light blue designs and borders.

The belt I made in a jiffy before the event XD so horrible compared to the rest. I need to remake it but its suede and the gold is all leftover trim from Merida.

The Wig is by me. Its a Epic Cosplay wig. I rounded out the bangs since I hate flat blunt bangs >>;
There is a package of extensions and two clawclips of hair sewn into the wig. (uber heavy!)

The boots I found at a thrift store :D Lucky find!


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Created 5 years ago
Series Skyward Sword
Character Zelda


Seifer-sama I didn't realize you posted this already! Thank you so much for the kind words about my work. I appreciate it. I think you make an adorable Zelda and I cannot wait to see more photos!!