Oerba Dia Vanille

Final Fantasy XIII



WOW! This cosplay took me so long to finish! &gt;__< It was the fisrt copslay that I embarked on alone, and I learned a lot in the 3 years (on and off) it too to complete. Basically I wouldn't finish it in time for a con, then it would get put on the back burner, and then when I got back to it, I remade virtually everything!

Vanille is such a sweet and bubbly character~ It was really nice to be able to finally cosplay her!

The wig was bought on ebay. I can't find the seller as they don't sem to have the wig up anymore. It was my third wig I ordered for this character... My first was a dud, the second waaaay too dark, and then I was mostly satisfied with this one, so I kept it for the cosplay. The pig-tails were very long so then had about 5-6 inches of fibre cut away from them, and the bangs were trimmed up and heat set in place.

The earrings are made from model magic. They were painted the correct colour and given a gloss coat. They're held in place with spirit gum since my ears aren't pierced.

The necklaces are made from vinyl tubing which you can easily find in the plumbing section of any hardware store. I ran wire through them so I could fasten them and so it would hold their shape. The ones here are my second set. They're painted with acrylic and the details are made with craft foam and ribbon.

The top is made from jersey knit. I patterned it myself.

The beads are regular white barrel beads. I sanded each end and then painted it black with acrylic paint to get the "separated" look. The coloured ones were each additionally painted with nail polish. I used smaller beads for the dangling ones, and a variety of both made and bought beads for all the decorative ones. About 94% of the beads were all painted at some point.

For the buttcape, I followed sushimonster's diagram. It's basically a trapezoid and 3/4 of a donut.

The belt is microsuede with the pattern sewn onto it, and the metal squares are foam. The "buckle" is made from model magic, and the blue gem is a glass do daa I found in my basement and painted with nail polish.

I made the pouch from microsuede as well. I made up the pattern and used sueded cord for the dangly bits.

For the skirt I gradient dyed the front panel using orange tulip dye. The other layers are just a trapezoid and rectangle that have been gathered and pleated.
The whole thing turned out longer than I wanted it to :P But that wasn't so bad since it was super windy at Anime North this year.

The back plate is made from foam. I embossed the pattern onto it and painted it the correct colour. The gem is another thing found in my basement. I painted the back to give it the right colour.

The bracelets are from the dollar store. I painted them all with semi transparent nail polish to get them the right colours. One went missing before the shoot &gt;__< The white ones are craft foam.

I bought the boots from a thrift store, painted the soles and glued fur to them.

I'm in the proces of making a prop. I may eventually have another shoot for this with some further adjustments :)


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Character Oerba Dia Vanille


Mandarr13 EEK. You make me want to improve on my Lightning just so i can take pictures with you :) You look amazing

TeaTimeTroubles This turned out fantastic! All the work and details you put into this definitely payed off!! Favorited<3

neo_shadow_bat Well done!! Painting takes time and patience but it's worth it in the end!