Spider Splicer (old)




This cosplay has been ridiculously easy in the wake of past cosplays which has costed more and been harder to modify.

The good part about this is that a majority of my purchases has been through the thrift store. And in total I have probably spent only about $50.00 on everything altogether so far.

The only online purchase was the Splicer Bunny mask on Ebay which cost me in total about $21.

To Do List:

✔ Assemble and paint PVC and elbow joint pipe.

✔ Rip up and bloody dress, use controlled fire to add some burn holes.

✔ Rip and distress evening gloves.

✔ Rip leggings

✔ Find some heeled shoes that are low heels.

✔ Add battle burns and blood to splicer mask.

✔ Flour the whole outfit sparingly.

✔ Get some fake blood.

✔ Splicer Hooks


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Series BioShock
Character Spider Splicer (old)
Variant Spider Splicer


Monocle_Complex ^ Why thank you very much! I think I had the most fun with this cosplay in particular. (Hard to screw something up that is naturally supposed to look messy.) Hopefully in the near future I will get my boyfriend in on the Splicer action as well! :)

LadyCrankypants Love it! Great work on distressing, looks really accurate, and the make-up is fantastic! And those HOOKS! The construction looks awesome, and the paint job is just so perfect. Love it!