This costume was believe it or not more annoying to make than Kuja was! So many times I wanted to say "screw this" and "f*ck this sh*t!". But I didn't. Why? Because I promised to have this done for a group.

While the sewing was actually very simple, I had to remake two entire pieces. I had to remake one of the pink kimonos (the inner one), and the hakamas as I screwed them up. Kimono had too long of sleeves, and the hakamas I made stop in the wrong spot.

The outer kimono is made of satin and the flowers are hand painted. The inner green, pink, and navy kimonos are made of broadcloth (the navy having shorter sleeves). Yellow and purple kimonos and the hakamas are made of cotton. I am not sure what the white inner kimono is made of, but it is very soft and it only cost me $4 to get 2.5 meters.

The wig I simply just cut and styled the bangs into place.

This is the hottest costume I have ever made.


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Series InuYasha
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