Memory of Alessa

Silent Hill 3



Welcome to Silent Hill. Not even a kid would believe it.

I painted the whole costume (coat, arms, legs) with real steak blood, latex, colours, coffee and tea, and I had so much fun!
The result is quite disgusting, as it smells like a coffee shop.
On the other hand, it spared me hours and hours of makeup.

I hope I will soon have the chance to take further pictures, as my cousin will join me as Heather Mason.
I have a chilling idea for an exhibition !


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Series Silent Hill 3
Character Memory of Alessa


LadyCrankypants Amazing work! The picture seriously looked like a screencap from the thumbnail - and all I could think reading your description of the painting process was "That probably doesn't smell very nice." I love it, and now have a serious craving for some Silent Hill!