Memory of Alessa

Silent Hill 3



This costume was a lot of hard work, but tons of fun. My favorite parts of any costume are destruction and makeup, and this one had lots and lots of both. So yay!

I used the same general elements for each article of this costume, because I wanted them to all have the same general look: like I'd crawled here from hell, through a sewer. Gross. So the skirt, boots, sweater, and vest all have at least some of the following, with the vest having pretty much all of them. Tea, coffee, coffee grounds, about 6 different colors of watered down acrylic paint, a little fake blood, dyes, and (of course) fire. I maaay have nearly burned the house down while setting the back of my skirt on fire.

The makeup was a huuuuge process, and ended up taking about 6.5 hours. Which is probably why this costume may turn into a one-time presentation. But seriously, it was so much fun to do. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.

I'm sad I didn't get to get too many pictures of this one, but that's what happens when you take forever to put your costume on, and only wear it for a couple hours.


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Series Silent Hill 3
Character Memory of Alessa


Rejiclad Fascinating cosplay, awesome work!!