Rita Skeeter

Harry Potter



To debut Wondercon 2015!~ Rita's design was so wonderfully tacky/gaudy I couldn't resist! ;)

7/23/16: I have way too much fun as this character and I definitely want to bring her back. I'll be adding just a few tweaks, though:

[]Style new wig: add more tight ringlets and add gradient for roots.

[]dry brush burgundy paint onto buttons for more screen accurate color.

[]new darker wine colored faux fur trim.

[]An even brighter and more obnoxious red lip stain.

--I might end up just painting my own nails as opposed to the acrylics. I can't stand wearing them, and I naturally have long nails. We'll see ;)


Improvements to work on!~:

[x]Acrylic nails


[x]"The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore" book

[x]Alligator Purse

[x]Makeup: brighter red lipstick and cover and re-draw thinner and arched brows ala Miranda Richardson.

[x]re-make bodice: more accurate shoulders (create exaggerated shoulder pads), 3/4 sleeve length, "Beetle wing" tails, and overall more form fitting shape at the waist :)

[x]Skirt: Lime green poly satin with darts in the front and back. Fully lined in chocolate brown gabardine.

[x]Jacket: Lime green poly satin lined in chocolate brown cotton with long pile dark burgundy faux fur trim to be hand-sewn on the collar and cuffs. I found the most perfect buttons on clearance, too!~

[x]Tights: burgundy mesh/lace tights.

[x]Glasses: Picked up a pair of reading glasses and popped out the lenses. Just need to add a glasses chain.

[]Jewelry: making the earrings with model magic,

[x]Wig: a gorgeous lace front from wigisfashion

[x]Shoes: red heels

[x]Quick Quotes Quill: Found the exact same feather used in the movie, and sculpted the base with fimo clay. Details are hand painted.


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