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Well I guess there is a good amount of details when it comes to this costume? As of right now this costume is one of my favorite ones to date. :)

2 Dresses
There are 2 dresses when it comes to this costume. A green dress and a brown dress.

Green Dress:
The outer green dress is made from suede. I thought it would be a lot hotter than it actually was but it was quite comfortable. There is about 6 yards of fabric used to make it. Everything was hand sewn. I used a pleating method to give it the more "flowy" look (which used a lot of my fabric). It's longer than me so whenever I walk I have to hold it use unless of course I'm wearing taller boots in which the longer dress does hide the fact I'm a bit short.
The gold trimming I bought a while ago on sale and finally found a use for it. The trimming was applied to by hand (in which I did stick myself more than once). But the gold looked very nice against the brown. The front is held together by eyelets with a lace up style so I can easily take it on and off.
The green dress is the first part of the dress than I had begun to make, the brown dress came second.

Brown Dress:
The brown dress is made out of a simple cotton mix fabric. I handsewed this part as well. It's a tube top style dress but I wasn't really worried much about it, I used eyelets to create a corset in the back to keep the dress held up. Like the green dress, the brown is longer than my actual height so I do have to hold it up when walking, but the dress is so light that holding it up is no problem.

Until I can get some leather, the belt is made out of fabric and craft foam. The craft foam holds the shape of the belt while the fabric hides that fact that it is indeed craft foam. It turned out quite well considering I used only materials I had at home except for buying additional pretty trim.

I used a brown Persephone wig from Argo and bought extensions to make it a bit fuller. It's a pain considering it's long but it certainly is a very nice wig.

All made by hand. I began making circlets a year ago and found I loved making them. This is one of my absolute favorites and it goes very well with the costume.

There are ears. Like the elves of Middle Earth they are not the giant pointed ears but the smaller more sublet ears. You'll be able to see them in photos where the wig didn't get back in the way (silly long wigs!)

Any questions feel free to message me!


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