Yuuka Kazami




As Yuuka is a summery character, costume is made entirely of cottons. It was a quick costume, done in 1.5 weeks, for AWA since my Utsuho costume fell through. Still, I was happy enough with it to post it.

Prop: The most complex part of this, a mostly handmade umbrella. Umbrella frame was cut out of a store-bought umbrella, then re-skinned with taffeta. Handle and tip were cut off to be replaced with hand-carved, stained wood. Amusingly, the wood is nothing in particular, just a carved dead branch I picked up in my back yard. Cut, sanded, and stained, but not lacquered.

Vest and skirt: "Moda Nature Cranberry" plaid fabric (for the sake of all other Yuuka cosplayers out there, this is the only plaid that is pink on red that I have seen, ever). Skirt is hemmed in cotton lace.

Shirt: Simple cotton white button-down.

Wig: Arda Wigs Jade Green, to get a mix of the yellow-green and brown that seems plant-like.

Ascot: Cotton with cotton lace.

Contacts: Rusty red contacts from the now-defunct Coastal Contacts Halloween section.


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Series Touhou
Character Yuuka Kazami
Variant Phantasmagoria of Flower View


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